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Where is our digital ambition?

By Sean Mitchell, Thu 31 Jan 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Why aren’t we defining intellectual property as an integral part of our economy?

That is the question asked by Labour Communications and IT spokesperson Clare Curran, who believes the future prosperity of the country will be carved out by backing the talent of businesses working in the high tech industry.

Speaking specifically about Kiwi businesses, ranging from SMBs to large organisations, Curran believes quantifying the strength of the country's current intellectual property sector is crucial to making New Zealand realise its own worth.

"A thriving manufacturing sector is at the heart of Labour’s vision. A weightless economy is integral to that," she says.

"The manufacturing inquiry is integral. So is getting our Patent laws right. Quantifying the strength of our Intellectual property sector might kick start us to realise our own worth.

"The hands off, leave it to the market approach of this government has failed all over the world. It’s clearly failing in New Zealand."

Below is Curran's speech in the debate on the Prime Minister’s speech:

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