06 May 2013
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What makes AeroHive wireless so different

For many years a shift in power has been occurring in the configuration of larger wireless networks.

We’re talking those schools, businesses and large enterprises with hundreds or thousands of users.

These networks originally started with stand-alone wireless access points, but as the networks became more complex with more demanding users, many equipment manufacturers have shifted to controller based architectures.

This makes it much easier to maintain the network, change configurations and have consistent policies among many wireless access points.

The disadvantage is that they access points won’t operate if the central controller is unavailable. Essentially creating a central point of failure.

Most manufacturers get over this by having redundant controllers ready in case your primary controller isn’t functioning. This can be expensive and not completely fool proof.

While AeroHive has a completely different approach. It provides all the advantages of a controller based architecture like consistent policies, easy software upgrades, yet there is no controller.

Instead, AeroHive has a cloud based repository called HiveManager that regular converses with each device, but crucially these devices aren’t dependent upon access to it to function.

The company has had much success with its approach in recent years, with anecdotal seeing them winning a lion share of the highly contested education marketplace.

While the company is best known for it’s wireless solutions and the unique way of managing devices in a hive formation, it recently expanded it’s reach into wired networks.

In March, it introduced a three GigaBit network switches that are administered by the same cloud based HiveManager software.

Using the same software will save customers with substantial wireless networks time and effort provisioning and maintaining the wireless and wired networks.

For more information about AeroHive speak with the companies local representative Rhys Taylor on 64 9 972 1493 or rtaylor@aerohive.com

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