01 Apr 2015
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Upgrade your telecommunications for better business

When you’re focusing on running your company it’s easy to get into a bit of trouble with your telecommunications, especially if your business is growing fast.

The Compass business team recently spoke to someone who had started his own business and had done a great job of it. His business had grown, it was profitable and he’d taken on more staff.

As he grew, he added more phone lines then eventually took the plunge and graduated to buying a phone system a couple of years back.

Since then, his business had been steaming ahead but his phone system wasn’t keeping up, so he asked Compass for help.

His situation was very typical, especially for small to medium sized businesses. Firstly, he had his lines, tolls, broadband and phone system all from different providers so that meant four suppliers for him to manage.

In fact things were in a bit of a mess. He had too many lines, the wrong size data pipe and numerous services had been left active after his phone system was installed. As a result, he’d spent two years paying for line features like call waiting and voicemail, which his phone system could do by itself, so he really needed some help.

If this sounds a bit like your business, you’re far from alone. Every week at Compass we talk to business owners and managers in similar situations.  

Every one of them has focused on running and growing their business and they’ve done a great job of it.  They just haven’t realised the potential impact or the cost of adding a phone line here and a new service there without taking into account their overall situation. And why should they? They’re not in business to become a telco expert.

To get telecommunications right, it’s about much more than phones, lines and other components. You need to talk to a provider who finds out exactly what your business does and what you need your phones and internet for.

Then, they need to develop a solution that does what you need it to now, and is flexible enough that it can grow and change with your business. 

It needs to be a complete solution, from your broadband connection to your phone system, lines and tolls so that you know everything will work together and that it will be configured in the most cost-effective way.  

Lastly, they need to be around to support your solution for years to come, so you can get on with the job without worrying that your comms will let you down.

100% kiwi owned

That’s why you should talk to Compass. We’re 100% NZ owed and we’ve been providing smart, complete telecommunications services at competitive prices for over 20 years. 

Phone 0800 640 640 or visit www.compass.net.nz/business to find out more.

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