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Spark teams up with Putti to help SMEs

By Catherine Knowles, Tue 17 Feb 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Spark Business is offering customers a Putti ‘build your own’ mobile-responsive website free for 24-months (RRP $19.95 per month).

Putti is a Kiwi start-up that builds mobile responsive sites and apps for a range of businesses.

Putti's sites and apps can be used to sell products, send out special offers or loyalty vouchers, or make information such as product details or store location available to customers.

Business owners can build the mobile-responsive site or app themselves or Putti can build them a customised product for a one-off fee.

With the Spark Business offer, the ongoing support for a mobile-responsive site including maintenance, updates and security, is free for 24 months.

For mobile apps, the Putti Platform automatically codes the business’s inputs into a native app for the iOS and Android platforms, and the Putti Team submit the app to the Apple or Google stores for approval.

Within around two weeks of the app being registered and published, it’s in the Android and iOS stores and ready to be downloaded.

Putti then provides ongoing support to ensure the app remains compatible with new smartphone technology and app store requirements.

Chris Quin, Spark Home, Mobile and Business CEO, says, “We know that more than half of New Zealanders now regularly buy things on their mobile phones, and that number is growing fast as the majority of our mobile customers now own a smartphone.

“This presents a massive opportunity for businesses who want a low-cost and effective way to engage with their customers.”

“However, there is currently a bit of a mismatch between where customers want to buy products or find information, and how businesses are making that information available.

“Less than 40% of small businesses have a website and, of those that do, only a quarter have a website that is mobile responsive.

“New Zealand businesses are generally very open to new technology – but they are time-poor and cashflow is always an issue.

“That’s why Putti is such a great option for them. They can build the site or app themselves, and the support costs are very affordable,” says Quin.

Aaron McDonald, Putti CEO, says once businesses have built the mobile-responsive site or app, it opens up new ways to connect with customers.

“What we find is that business owners and managers are generally very clear on their goals – whether it’s building loyalty, selling stuff online or managing stock through special offers at the right time.

“What they need from us is the technology and expertise to do that through people’s smartphones and tablets.

“It really is that simple, but the impact in terms of opening up new opportunities for businesses is phenomenal,” McDonald says.

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