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Rush Digital celebrates September success in VR and payment tech

By Sara Barker, Fri 14 Oct 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Rush Digital has looked back on September with vigour, as the startup company celebrates some grand achievements in their progress in tech innovation.

The company's approach to virtual reality paid off, with a visit from Prime Minister John Key. From New York, Key saw firsthand the company's HTC Vive VR Game, Elementalist.

Rush Digital showcased the first-person shooter game in New York, in partnership with NZTE. Rush Digital CTO and founder Danu Abeysuriya led participants on a virtual journey into space through the game. The game allows participants to play a wizard as the main character. The wizard battles to save their planet by manipulating the 'fully-immersed' environment.

The company has also scooped the top prize in their category at Visa's Everywhere Initiative, bringing a fresh new look at mobile payment technology. The challenge saw the company develop solutions to acces Visa payments for people with disabilities.

“Some disabilities make it difficult for individuals to identify, understand, or communicate items they wish to purchase. Others can make it difficult to carry around a wallet or handbag, limiting the kind of payment method,” explains Rush Digital CEO Pavan Vyas.

So the company came up with a solution that allows disabled people to access e-Braille, computer vision and electronic temporary tattoos.

“Our idea was to develop a platform that processes payments for disabled consumers via different channels, depending on the nature of the disability. We wanted to remove points of friction and improve the payment experience for disabled communities," Vyas says.

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