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Our native advertising option: Sponsored stories

By Sean Mitchell, Tue 3 Aug 2021

A key differentiator that Techday offers that most other publishers don't is native advertising in the form of what we call Sponsored Stories.

These are not just alternatives to traditional ads, but educational tools to ensure more messages are fully explained.

These stories are cleverly woven into and promoted on our websites, email newsletters and social media accounts. Unlike a traditional news story that may flow from the front of a particular website or email newsletter into the archives after just a day, these sponsored stories are sticky for the length of the campaign (normally two weeks).

Sponsored Stories are great for promoting events, using case studies that you’ve written already or driving enquiries for your sales team. They come in many different forms and can be written by you, your PR agency or by one of our editors.

We can target your Sponsored Story to different sections of our network depending upon your target market. For example, ChannelLife for resellers & system integrators, SecurityBrief for CISOs and security leaders, or IT Brief for CIOs & IT managers.                         

Key elements for a successful Sponsored Story:

  • A catchy headline and a simple message in your content. Stories should be ideally around 500 words, (we suggest a maximum of 1000 words as people tend to stop reading if the story is too long).
  • A recognisable brand. A new brand or product will get fewer clicks and registrations than a household brand. Perhaps consider mentioning a partner with a big brand name.
  • An appropriate incentive, i.e. a software prize pack will attract businesses, while an iPad will attract consumers.
  • A call to action URL, so customers know what to do next. (i.e. click here to register).
  • An efficient landing page - the fewer fields the better. Your landing page needs to match the theme of your story, have no distractions and not allow people to click away to other parts of your site.                                 

Sponsored Stories are an affordable, effective advertising solution. Our team is well trained on how to get the best return on your marketing investment. With 16 tech news websites in our Techday network, we've got a perfectly targeted site for your next campaign.

If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to assist, contact your digital account manager or contact us here.

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