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NZ cloud software company picks Rackspace to manage AWS infrastructure

By Kai Ping Lew, Wed 24 May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kiwi information supply chain software company LINQ has selected Rackspace to manage its Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure for its SaaS-based tool.

New Zealand startup success story LINQ helps businesses understand important information flows and identify opportunities for transformation.

The cloud-native company offers a tool to visualise information supply chains, enabling organisations to take advantage of business information and identify ways of improving information management.

“Our business helps companies understand how to focus on the information flow and verify that the people and systems are working harmoniously and efficiently,” says LINQ chief operating officer Neil Calvert

“We undertook our own assessments using LINQ to determine if the Rackspace offering was going to be the right fit for us.”

“Our calculations predicted that were we to migrate our infrastructure ourselves, it would take around six to eight months.”

“With Rackspace, we completed it in two months,” Calvert says.

“As a startup, a difference of four months is critical. We were faster to market and our development teams could focus on building out our solutions and improving our customers’ experience, rather than managing the migration.”

“New Zealand organisations are amongst the most innovative in the world,” says Amazon Web Services New Zealand managing director Tim Dacombe-Bird.

“We see entrepreneurial businesses like LINQ as leading innovators and it is partners like Rackspace that enable customers like LINQ to accelerate their migration to AWS and drive agility and innovation.” 

Since moving to Fanatical Support for AWS, LINQ has gained active system monitoring, shorter migration to better network architecture to keep pace with the development team, better resourcing, as well as addressing any previously hidden costs involved in running their business through the cloud.

“Collaborating with Rackspace also provided us with the security and management capabilities of a business many times larger than ourselves, enabling us to demonstrate our security credentials to the most demanding of customers in the public sector."

Rackspace’s Fanatical Support for AWS uses Aviator to deliver a combination of technology and human expertise to help organisations through migration, architecture design, security, and operations­­.

“Furthermore, AWS isn’t going to slow down its pace of innovation and Rackspace’s expertise means that we are always up to date and working with professionals who already know our business and offer a safe pair of hands.”

Since implementation, LINQ’s infrastructure has caught up to development timelines, while development test environments now allow for automatic deployment, reducing intervention from the systems team.

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