19 Nov 2013
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Kordia Connect - helping SMBs connect the dots of convenience

Both the use of phone and internet are crucial tools for any business of any size, whether it be in New Zealand or across the world.

Specifically targeting the Kiwi medium-sized business market, Kordia Connect provides the perfect solution for companies with around 20+ employees onsite requiring phone and internet.

As a converged network service, Kordia Connect allows internet and voice services to run through a single dedicated and scalable connection, instead of multiple connections.

Put simply, that means extra convenience, extra efficiency, and extra flexibility for your business.

"As organisations migrate more to the cloud to run their businesses the internet connection, from a service and performance perspective, hasn't evolved with it," says Drew Gilpin, director of Sales and Marketing, Kordia New Zealand.

"Effectively, businesses are operating on a residential grade internet service which was fine for random web surfing, but not for running your company's accounting system on."


A dedicated connection that runs directly from your premises to the Kordia Internet gateway, Kordia Connect allows businesses to avoid the congestion of the broadband network (such as 3.30pm slowdown) - providing consistent, reliable and high-performance internet.

"From an internet perspective, Kordia Connect has no data caps," Gilpin adds. "It's designed as a business grade service which means companies are not sharing a residential pool, which often happens when operating an ISP.

"For example, if you're an advertising agency trying to send large document to the printers, if you're operating on a residential service offering best efforts, bad things can happen if that file doesn't arrive in time."

Essentially, Gilpin is quick to point out that Kordia doesn't operate an ISP or sell to residential customers, ensuring that its internet services have been specifically developed for business customers in New Zealand.


Moving away from internet and into the voice space, Kordia Connect also delivers the best possible voice quality - meaning businesses can implement VoIP with confidence.

Using dedicated connections so voice calls don't pass through the internet when voice calls aren't being made, network capacity is available to other applications (like the internet) to make sure company's receive the best possible use out of their network investment.

"Kordia Connect offers greater flexibility by voice," Gilpin adds. "Our voice service is not voice over the internet, but a business grade service which helps provide a consistent and seamless performance."

Safety Net

Yet despite the overriding benefits of the offering, Gilpin admits many businesses consider change over of any kind a risk, worried about potential down time and disruption to their workflow.

Step forward the Kordia Connect Provisioning Coordinator.

"We appoint a dedicated Provisioning Coordinator to manage the transition for companies," Gilpin adds. "We understand that businesses rely on being active, and can't afford for their network to go down during the transition.

"Offering another safety net for businesses, we run our Kordia network parallel to the company's own network, until the customer is satisfied the new network is performing.

"As a result, we don't turn off our support until everybody is 100% happy which is a huge reassurance for businesses."

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