16 Sep 2016
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Kiwis can now compare 94 different internet providers

By Shannon Williams

Broadband comparison site Broadband Compare has launched telephone online chat support as it continues to expand its database of internet providers and broadband plans.

Founded by Gavin Male and Alex Grace, the site, which officially launched on June 30th, lists more than 2800 different broadband packages from 94 different New Zealand ISPs. The company say the new support will help those who aren’t entirely comfortable committing to a new broadband plan without discussing the options first.

The site had more than 13,000 visitors in August. Users can check their internet connectivity at their address and compare broadband plans to ensure they are on the best internet package for their needs.

“Your best broadband plan won’t necessarily be the cheapest plan in the market,” says Male.

“With New Zealand consumers now using more and more data due to the growth of online streaming services like Netflix, Lighbox and Neon, as well as multiple devices connecting to your home internet connection, it is important to understand the way your household uses the internet,” he says.

“That, more than price, will dictate the type of plan you need.”

“In just the month of August more than 13,000 New Zealanders used Broadband Compare,” adds Male. “Whilst some users have been pleasantly surprised at how much money they have been able to save, especially when switching to some of the new providers who are focused on providing their services through the new ultra-fast fibre broadband network, almost everyone has been surprised at how many different options there are in the market for providing their broadband connection to home or work.”

Grace adds, “Some of the newer ISPs have got great plans that really take advantage of the new UFB fibre network and with Gigabit speeds coming available countrywide in October, it’s well worth knowing your options.

“We’re passionate about getting Kiwis using fibre and when people aren’t sure about switching we remind them of the days they were on dial up and moved to broadband.

“The change to fibre really is just as big an improvement,” says Grace.

At Broadband Compare, visitors to the site input their address and the Broadband Compare technology returns information on the type of broadband connection available at their property.

This could be a new ultra-fast fibre connection, VDSL, ADSL or show that the address is not on the fixed line network and a wireless connection will be required. Users then apply filters to say what they use the internet for and if they need any extras like a telephone landline, free modem or the type of contract they are after.

Once these questions are answered the Broadband Compare website returns the most suitable plans, which can then be sorted by the Broadband Compare rating or according to price.

“The Broadband Compare website is incredibly easy to use and we hope that it demystifies some of those terms that you hear around the broadband market like megabits per second, VDSL and gigabytes,” adds Male.

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