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Farro Fresh letting Kiwis get groceries delivered to refrigerated lockers

By Kai Ping Lew, Wed 3 May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Increasing numbers of Kiwis are having groceries delivered to refrigerated lockers for collection on their way home following the launch of a new food delivery service.

Farro Fresh's chilled, self-service lockers which can be accessed by shoppers 24 hours a day with a keyless entry system, using a digital code sent on completion of an online order.

Farro Fresh director James Draper says the service is changing the way consumers shop online.

“While online shopping offers a new level of convenience, one of the perceptual barriers has been how the integrity of perishable products is maintained at an ambient temperature,” Draper says.

“The digital locker model has been added recently by online retailers such as Amazon, and its introduction here shows the local market is adopting innovations at a similar pace.”

“They help resolve some of the traditional ‘pain points’ that can occur when buying food online such as needing a secure place to store the package when you aren’t there to sign for it, or the growing resistance from some employers to the volume of personal parcels arriving at work,” he adds.

Draper says that closing the traditional online service gaps has increased the size of the average order significantly, with their online customers purchasing twice as much per order as those shopping in our store.

He says the addition of an online delivery has meant they are able to expand their customer base throughout New Zealand and are now able to meet demand for a range of gourmet and specialty products - including those with food sensitivities.

“Demand for gluten-free products is proving particularly strong nationwide, as consumers often have limited choice in their local area,” says Draper.

“In addition, those with dairy intolerance or who have a preference for paleo, fair trade, organic, vegetarian and vegan options now have a wider selection too,” he says.

Draper says the company is rapidly expanding with the recent opening of their fifth store in Auckland. 

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