21 Sep 2016
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Digital detox: Cantabrians encouraged to disconnect

By Shannon Williams

As digital devices increasingly take over almost every aspect of our lives, residents in Canterbury are being encouraged to take a break from technology.

Canterbury’s Digital Detox campaign, being held on Sunday 2 October, is New Zealand’s first city-wide digital detox programme.

All Right? is a Healthy Christchurch initiative led by the Canterbury District Health Board and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. As part of the campaign to promote mental health in Canterbury, the organisation is launching digital detox boxes designed to encourage flowing conversations, a sense of calmness, and unexpected freetime.

“All you need to do is tuck your phone inside and enjoy the moment,” says Sue Turner, All Right? Manager.

Turner says the Digital Detox is all about encouraging people to think about how we’re using technology.

“It’s not about throwing our phones away or swearing off technology for good. It’s simply a chance to take a break, do something fun and find the balance that feels just right,” she says.

“For most of us, unplugging completely is unrealistic. Sometimes there are simply calls to take, texts or emails to answer and moments we want to capture,” says Turner.

“The challenge is learning to embrace technology, while not letting it take over every minute. In short, how can we switch off and recharge?” she says.

As well as Digital Detox boxes for individuals, All Right? has also provided larger Digital Detox boxes to city cafes.

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