07 Mar 2012
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App of the Week: HP ePrint

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about this week’s app, HP ePrint. I’m all for simplifying life but do we really need to be able to print from our phones or scan to our phones? Really? The answer, I can tell you now, is.... yes. You may argue the differences surrounding need and want, but this little app really does simplify life. 

Available free on both iOS and Android, HP ePrint downloads quickly and while registration is encouraged, there is actually nothing you need do to get started. When you open the app, you have a choice of options: Photo Albums, Saved Files, Web Browser, Camera, Scanner. 

Tapping the Photo Album option sends you to the photos saved on your device. Tapping Saved Files allows you to access documents as well as images. Camera opens the camera read for you to take a photo. It really is that easy. 

From there it is a simple case of tapping the image or document, selecting your HP wireless printer and tapping the print option. No more taking a photo, then emailing it or uploading it to your computer in order to print it out. 

There is even a possibility for people who travel frequently to search for and print to HP ePrint Public Print Locations including the likes of print and copy retail stores, hotels, and airport lounges.

You can also scan a document or image with your HP scanner/printer and send it to your device. Then you need only print it when and if you need it.

As it happens, I do have an HP wireless printer and it really was just a case of point, shoot, print – and voila. The most difficult part of the exercise was getting the cat to sit still for the photo. 

If you know of any funky apps you think deserve a mention in TechDay’s App of the Week, let us know in the comments and we’ll give them a try!

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