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Whitepaper: Maximising SIEM value within its limitations and capabilities

Addressing a constant flow of security alerts is an inevitable consequence of the digital age.

A whitepaper from Stratecast authored by Frost & Sullivan VP of Research, Michael Suby (SIEM’s Total Cost of Ownership – Key Considerations) suggests that security alerts will increase in both volume and diversity as enterprise networks and systems expand in parallel with a surging cybercrime community.

“In practice, SIEM is either an enabler in reaching a higher tier of productivity and proficiency; or a retardant due to limitations in adaptability, scalability, automation, user intuitiveness, and analytics—and, as a consequence, a contributor to escalating operational costs,” Suby says.

So how do you get it right? LogRhythm has provided free access to the ‘SIEM’s Total Cost of Ownership – Key Considerations’ whitepaper that includes:

  • Details of the pressures today’s cybersecurity staff are facing
  • Analysis into how SIEM can significantly improve security practices – or make them worse
  • The SIEM attributes that exert the greatest influence on cost efficiency and cost predictability
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