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Nura: Prototyping game-changing self-learning audio headphones

Sound pioneer Nura had an ambitious concept to deliver when it raised almost two million dollars via crowdsourcing and then over five million dollars through a seed round.

The premise of their product was a set of headphones – the Nuraphone – able to measure hearing sensitivities across the frequency spectrum and personalise the output for each individual.

With so much riding on the product, Nura reached out to Central Innovation’s experts for assistance, to source the best design and manufacturing solutions that would help them deliver the results they needed in the tight timeframe they had.

Central Innovation helped Nura leverage CAD software SOLIDWORKS to refine and prototype the Nuraphone, culminating in a product that won the Best Innovation in Headphones category at consumer goods conference CES this year.

Find out how Central Innovation used SOLIDWORKS Suite to bring the Nuraphone to life.

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